Meaning Attitude Definition, Characteristics, and Its Role in Work

Meaning Attitude is

What is attitude? In general, the meaning of attitude is the attitude, behavior or behavior of a person in interacting with others accompanied by a tendency to act in accordance with that attitude.

Another opinion said that the notion of attitude is an attitude on the affective aspect that determines someone in acting because the willingness or willingness to act is what determines someone to act according to the character of his attitude.

Attitude is often associated with individual mental readiness that affects and also determines the activities of the individual concerned in responding to objects or situations that have meaning for him. Attitude is always related to an object and attitude towards an object accompanied by positive and negative feelings.

Attitude characteristics

Referring to the explanation of the meaning of attitude above, the attitude a person has several characteristics. The characteristics of the attitude are as follows:

  • Attitude is not an attitude that is carried out since a person is born, but is formed or studied as long as the individual’s development is in a relationship with another person.
  • Attitude is not a fixed attitude but can change. Behavior or behavior can be learned by someone or vice versa so that the attitude can change if there are certain conditions and conditions that facilitate changing attitudes in the individual.
  • Attitude cannot stand alone, but always contains certain relations on an object.
  • Object attitude is a certain thing, but it can also be a collection of these things. In other words, attitude can be related to one object but can also be related to several objects at once.
  • Attitude has aspects of motivation and also aspects of feeling.

The Role of Attitude in the Work Environment

Attitude is an important part of one’s life, especially related to one’s life to the surrounding environment or his job. An assessment of an individual’s attitude is the result of his attitude or response to his environment.

Attitude is related to the attitude or behavior of everyday people who work with a conscience. In the work environment, as for several roles the attitude is as follows:

1. Attitude Defeats Hard Skill

Skill may be something that can be learned, but attitude is very difficult to change. Although it is not inherited from birth, someone with certain characteristics or personality is quite difficult to experience significant changes. Someone with a good attitude usually has a good ability to adapt to their environment.

Of course in the world of work, companies tend to choose prospective employees who have an open and humble personality because they must be ready and able to be placed anywhere.

2. Attitude Allows Workers to Be More Compact

Indirectly, attitude is part of the attitude to maintain mutual respect so that in this case the productivity of the company can increase optimally. Where demanding fellow employees can have good communication skills for example in submitting complaints or input related to the difficulties experienced between divisions in a company.

3. Attitude Helps Overcome Various Problems

In the work environment, of course, the attitude to respect each other is very important. By having a good attitude, we can create an atmosphere in a more comfortable work environment. Not only for employee relations with superiors but with fellow employees. So that all kinds of problems can be resolved properly.
That is a brief discussion about the meaning of attitude, characteristics, and the role of attitude in the work environment. However, a good attitude can be a factor in evaluating someone.

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