How to send large files from a mobile with Firefox Send

We explain how you can send large or many small files from your mobile with the Mozilla Firefox Send application.For some years now we have seen how the way of sending files has changed. We have gone from using CDs and removable memory with a USB port to doing everything online.


The messaging applications have been updated to allow the sending of any type of file, but they are not expressly designed for it.If we usually send many files, we may need a tool to do so.We Transfer is known on the computer, a simple web that lets us send files of up to 2 GB.Mozilla has launched a similar service, Firefox Send, and now has an Android application to comfortably manage these actions. we explain how.

A useful and simple application

Firefox Send is an application that allows you to send one or several files to a person simply by sending the link that generates the application.
We can put several files at the same time as long as the maximum size does not exceed 1 GB. If we want more space we can create a Firefox account increasing the available space up to 2.5 GB. There are no payment plans or charges of any kind.
To do this we simply have to click on the blue icon in the lower right corner and select the files we want. On the screen will appear a sum of the size of them, to make sure that we do not exceed the limit.

Double security

Mozilla makes encryption of the information and if we see it appropriate we can also put a password to the download so that in addition to the link that information is needed.
A very useful option is that we can modify the expiration of the shipment with two variables, time and number of downloads. In the first case, we have from 1 to 100 downloads and in the second from 5 minutes to 7 days.
The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store but is still in the testing phase so it is possible that we have some problem when uploading the files.