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Suji Halwa Recipe

Suji ka halwa Do you remember antiquated events of your childhood where your grandmother would make some fragile smooth halva and feed it to you with her very own hand? Everything considered, Pakistan’s greatest online sustenance door, yes your own unique sooperchef.pk is bringing the delicious and sound Shahi suji halwa recipe back to your kitchens through your sharp devices, so you can recollect the kind of your childhood once more! There are various sorts of tasty and fragrant halwa plans that you can find on the menu of sooperchef.pk, a segment of the top of the line anticipates the board right at present consolidate the enticing and sweet-smelling coconut halwa recipe, the winter’s euphoria: gajar ka halwa equation, the delightful and drool exemplary akhrot halwa recipe and clearly the ordinary breakfast of Pakistan, the delicious suji halwa with puri recipe. Halwa is essentially a thick, sweet sugary treat served transversely over various bits of the world including over the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, South Asia, central Asia, and Europe and now getting commonness over specific bits of America too. The sooji halwa is eaten dominatingly in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Bhutan. It is usually made with wheat semolina, with spread or vegetable oil, and nectar or sugar is used for the improving purposes. Raisins, dates and other dried verdant nourishments like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are used as a cutting on top



Surely, even I didn’t have the foggiest thought regarding this starting in the no so distant past. Lol. So basically, semolina is gotten from the middlings of wheat durum and is in like manner used to make pasta and couscous. In countries like India and Pakistan, it is on a very basic level used to make this suji ka halwa (rava sheera). Additionally, kid, is it yummy without a doubt?! Additionally it’s unreasonably simple to make which is just the way where I like it here.

In India suji halwa is made on auspicious events an in like manner used as a prasad. In Pakistan regardless, it is filled in as a casual breakfast dish close by pooris, aaloo bhaji (potato curry) and channay (chickpea curry). It’s a super filling early lunch and is much of the time joined with hot cups of smooth tea. Yum


So today I’m demonstrating how to make this eminent suji ka halwa. Each family has it’s own specific way of making suji ka halwa, and remembering that I conventionally make one with margarine and milk, this one is fairly phenomenal as we use water and sugar to make a sugar syrup and a short time later incorporate the semolina. This particular recipe is given pooris and normally liberal so just a touch goes far.

This is an incredibly, straightforward semolina pudding equation yet there are a couple of tricks to guarantee that it lands at the perfect consistency. Routinely with semolina pudding, what happens is that while it’s wonderfully fragile when it’s recently made it transforms into to some degree stodgy as it comes to room temperature. At any rate this suji ka halwa equation is particular as its consistency proceeds as before even as it chills off. The magnificent orangey concealing that you find in these photographs begins from a few drops of orange sustenance concealing. In any case this is totally optional, and you can skip it if you have to. Nevertheless, make sure to blend it up of dry characteristic item since it makes the suji halwa essentially dynamically radiant with included crunch and surface.


Generally this halwa is made with desi ghee (clarified spread), anyway I truly like using margarine since it gives an extraordinary flavor, and clearly is even more viably open.

Bit by bit directions to MAKE SUJI KA HALWA

We start by making the sheera (sugar syrup) which is basically made by uniting 2 cups sugar with 3 cups water and cooking just until the sugar has completely broken down. Presently you may in like manner incorporate two or three drops of orange sustenance concealing at whatever point needed. The sugar syrup will have a very shaky consistency. Take off warmth and put in a sheltered spot.


In another colossal pot, start by warming 1/2 cup ghee (clarified spread) or margarine. Incorporate two or three squashed units of green cardamom. By then it’s a perfect chance to incorporate 1 cup of semolina and cook for just 2-3 minutes and no longer than that.

At the point when the semolina is cooked, pour in the prepared sugar syrup and a short time later cook for only 2 or 3 minutes and oust from the stove. The halwa will even now be very liquidy yet will permeate, that is quite it ought to be. Spread with top for 10 minutes.

Exactly when you expel the highest point of the pot, you’ll see that the semolina has devoured the extra liquid and the halwa is by and by fit to be taken pleasure in with poori or even without any other individual.


fricasseeing suji for suji ka halwa

1. heat ⅓ cup ghee in a kadai or a thick bottomed holder. hold the fire to a low or medium-low. use a generous compartment or else there is a peril of the suji getting seared. right when the ghee is getting warmed, all the while keep sugar and water to rise in a skillet on a substitute burner. steps are referenced underneath under the heading “making sugar answer for suji ka halwa”.

warming ghee in a mind-boggling skillet or kadai

2. incorporate ½ cup sooji (rava or semolina). use a fine variety of sooji and not the coarser arrangement.

adding rava to the ghee

3. furthermore add 10 to 12 cashews (kaju) split or whole.

counting cashews

4. mix very well and start burning the sooji and cashews.

5. keep blending the sooji with the objective that the grains don’t hold fast to the holder and are burned consistently.

cooking suji


6. cook sooji till you can see the ghee getting detached and when you see the cashews getting splendid. the shade of the suji or rava should not get dim hued. there will in like manner be a fragrant smell of suji and ghee in your kitchen. cooking suji takes approx 7 to 8 minutes on a low fire. this movement is critical assuming that sooji isn’t stewed well then you won’t get perfect surface in the halwa. there will be slight rough inclination for the sooji halwa.

TIP – note that when the cashews get splendid, the suji will similarly be burned well. so keep blending and trust that the cashews will get splendid.

suji seared and changes to a light splendid concealing

7. when the suji is scorched well, by then incorporate 1 teaspoon chironji (optional), 2 tablespoons raisins (kishmish) and a spot of edible camphor (optional).

counting chironji

8. next incorporate ½ teaspoon cardamom powder (4 to 5 green cardamoms, powdered in a mortar-pestle, husks discarded). you can in like manner incorporate cut almonds or pistachios.

counting raisins and cardamom powder

9. mix well.

mix everything


10. right when you keep the sooji for stewing in the ghee, all the while, take ⅓ cup sugar in another skillet or pot.

sugar taken in a dish or pot

11. pour 1.25 cups water.

pouring water in the dish

12. keep the dish on a stove top on a medium-low to medium fire. blend in with the objective that the sugar breaks down.

mixing to break down sugar

13. heat the water+sugar answer for the purpose of bubbling.

sugar course of action getting gurgled


14. at the point when you blend the raisins, cardamom powder and chironji, by then pour the gurgling and frothing sugar course of action in the ghee-sooji mix steadily, with consistent blending. pour warily, as the mix sizzles and splutters.

pouring hot murmuring sugar course of action in the singed rava mix

15. mix very well so ties are molded. break the anomalies if any with a spoon.

mixing the mix

16. the sooji grains will begin to hold the water and swell.

suji halwa mix getting cooked

17. the mix will start thickening. keep mixing routinely.


suji halwa mix thickening

18. in the photo underneath, the sooji halwa mix has thickened at this point simultaneously fragile, wet and the consistency takes after that of pudding.

suji halwa mix about cooked

19. at the point when all the water is absorbed, you will see the alteration in the surface. the ghee moreover will be obvious along the edges.

suji halwa mix about cooked

20. keep blending and cooking till you get the last surface like the underneath picture. all the water should be absorbed and the halwa will leave the sides of the holder. if you have to make cuts, by then rapidly pour the sooji halwa mix in a lubed skillet or plate. spread similarly and when warm or cooled, cut into valuable stone formed or square cuts.

suji ka halwa done

21. serve suji ka halwa hot or warm or at the room temperature. remaining suji halwa can be refrigerated. preceding serving warm in a little dish or in a microwave.

suji ka halwa served in two diminish green dishes on a yellow napkin on a significant dull blue bakcground. two treat spoons kept as a bit of hindsight.

suji ka halwa is commonly filled in as a sweet nibble. you can serve sooji halwa after a blowout. suji halwa can be coordinated with poori too. it can in like manner be filled in as a cake.

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