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Gajar Halwa Recipe

Gajrela recipe with a little bit at a time photos and video headings is a staggering pudding equation made with carrot and rice. A yummy and delectable carrot and rice dessert which is generally equivalent to Traditional Gajar ka Halwa.WHAT IS GAJRELA RECIPE? Gajrela is just a treat eminent in Punjab region of the two India and Pakistan. It is made with carrot, rice, and milk to outline a smooth consistency.


The gajrela recipe is truly not exactly equivalent to how we make the gajar ka halwa. The gajar ka halwa is thick and usages the carrot, sugar, and khoya. However, for the gajrela recipe, we use carrot and rice notwithstanding different things and is overall semi-liquid consistency. Review not to use the basmati rice, as the run of the mill rice tastes much better for this cake. The Basmati rice’s flavor overpowers the whole dish. So it is perfect to keep up a key good ways from the basmati rice for the gajrela equation.



Carrots – 1/2 kgs or 5 nos approx.

Sugar – 1 cup or 200 gms

Whole Milk – 1+1/2 cup 300 ml

Ghee – 6 tbsp

Cashew nuts – 10

Almonds – 7 (optional for brightening)

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp


Wash the carrots and trim their edges. Scratch the skin delicately and pound all of the carrots using a grater and keep aside. I used my sustenance chopper.

Assimilate the almonds some warm water for 15 – 20 mins. Strip the skin off and hack them into bits and keep aside.

Cut the cashew nuts into little pieces and keep aside.


Warmth a considerable bottomed compartment or urli and incorporate 3 tbsp of ghee. Right when it ends up being warm, incorporate the cut cashew nuts and supper over low fire till splendid dim hued. Channel them absolutely, move to a plate and keep aside.

By and by to a comparative dish, incorporate the ground carrots. Stew the fire absolutely and sauté for 15-20 mins. The shade of the carrots would have completely changed and it would have gotten cooked completely. Regardless, the most noteworthy thing is the rough smell of the carrots would be completely passed now.

Directly add the milk to the cooked carrots and augmentation the fire to medium. Let the carrots cook in the milk till the entire mix almost gets dry. Keep mixing in to evade the carrots clinging to the base of the skillet. This should take 15-20 mins.

Directly incorporate the sugar and mix well. At the point when you incorporate the sugar, the entire mix would eventually get softened or of free consistency.

For sure keep cooking till the entire mix ends up being thick. The sugar would begin to caramelize the carrot and milk mix and the you can see that the consistency getting tenacious. This should take 15 mins.

When the halwa gets dry, incorporate the remaining 3 tbsp ghee, cardamom powder, stewed cashew nuts and mix well. Cook for 5 extra mins while mixing continually and the halwa will get together in a mass. Switch off fire and take off stove.

Serve hot or warm in particular dishes sprinkled liberally with almond sections.


The underlying advance to getting a conventional tasting halwa is sautéing the carrots in ghee. The unrefined smell must not be there using any and all means. If you hustle a tad with this movement, your halwa will taste raw.The sugar sum can be adjusted by near and dear taste. I felt that 1 cup was basically faultless without being too much sweet.I used the seeds of 2 cardamom and beat them well in my mortar and pestle and discarded the skin off.


Gajar is a Hindi/Urdu word for carrots. With winter proceeding, you will find succulent and grand red carrots in abundance in the market. In case you find the red carrots, by then absolutely use them for this treat as the Gajrela equation tastes best with the red carrots. In any case, in case not, by then you can make with the other adequately found orange carrots.

Would I have the option to MAKE GAJRELA WITHOUT KHOYA?

Really, you can make it without the khoya or mawa. You can, rather, utilize thick milk. Or on the other hand you can totally keep away from both. It will even now taste astonishing.



Strip the carrots and work them in a sustenance processor with the shredder association. In any case, in case you don’t have the sustenance processor, you can moreover granulate them physically in a grater.


In any case, heat spread in a compartment and incorporate the cardamom and ground carrots. At the point when the carrot changes it’s concealing, incorporate the milk and rice. Cook until the rice is done while blending routinely. Next, we need the sugar and khoya till they separate. That is it. Your tasty gajrela will be set up to serve.

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