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Easy Recipe for Besan Barfi

Besan ki Barfi is that perfect Indian sweet which fills the notes of the air with its aroma and warmth. The chill perceptible all around starts giving to get a handle on the charm of something warm and something supporting. This Barfi fits the area perfectly.

My dear colleagues, you have not found this post of Glutenfree Fudge by some happenstance, anyway the fate you are here, loving the photographs and arranged to get acquainted with the specialty of making this common and desi mithai with point by point basic steps.It is getting chillier outside, and my tendency to have a touch of some Indian mithai here and there is getting more grounded with the nippy atmosphere.

Would I have the option to concede? Since I have made these, I have been eating more than prescribed bits of Besan ki Barfi. You can’t stop at one!What is besan? Besan is the prepared flour of Gram, which luckily is glutenfree as well. Besan is used extensively in indian cooking in various sorts of plans from tantalizing to sweet. I would state – delightful more than the sweet.

Besan Toast , Pyaaz ke Pakode , Besani Roti are a bit of the impeccable dishes from my blog, that are made with Besan or Gram Flour.

I will be clear, I didn’t grow up eating Besan ki Barfi. Infact, my mum made just hardly any baked goods at home like chawal ki kheer , sooji ka halwa , gajar ka halwa, to give a few models.


Besan ought to be warm in its inclination as per Ayurveda . In various Indian families, Besan Ladoo and Besan Halwa is a commonplace scene during winters. I get it needs to achieve something with the warm thought of Gram flour.

Here is a little accidental information about Besan-not solely is Besan used in cooking, it is an uncommonly celebrated fixing used for sound skin as well. Isn’t is breathtaking ? A complete best fixing and a verifiable necessity have for each wash room.

Since I didn’t take in it from my mom, I suggested the recipe to Nisha Madhulika and balanced it starting there. She is my go to reference source, for Indian plans that I didn’t pick up from home.

The recipe is divided into 4 phases for key appreciation.

The mixing and Prepping of Besan/Gram flour

Cooking the Besan (People in America), read the post for tips and beguiles to deal with the besan we find in America.

Making Sugar syrup of 1 Thread Consistency.

setting the Barfi/Fudge


The idea of Besan is unmistakable in every country and with each brand, especially in America. Right when I saw the accounts of various bloggers to pick up capability with this equation, their Besan was thick when included with Ghee, and cooked. Right when I started making the Barfi, the Besan that I used, got all out liquid with ghee. THERE IS NOTHING TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT IT! Seek after my equation as is and whatever the Besan you are using, your Barfi will turn out mind blowing.


Different people use assorted consistency of sugar syrup for setting the Barfi. With my experience, I have used sugar syrup of 1 string consistency since I like my Barfi to be sensitive set. If you like hard set Barfi, by then you can make sugar syrup of 2 string consistency.

At whatever point eaten in excess, Besan can upset your stomach and make you exceptionally dry. These are delighting, so keep a track! Fixings

1/3 cup Ghee, or Brown Butter

1 cup Whole Milk

3 cups Milk Powder

3/4 cup Fine sugar

1/4 tsp Cardamom powder

2 tbsp Almonds or Badam Chopped for improve


Step I

Warmth ghee in a dish. If you are using spread, heat till it mellow and flips off to be light splendid in concealing.

Incorporate whole milk and assist it to bubble low fire. Keep blending to prevent it from expending at the base.

At the point when you see the milk start sputtering incorporate the milk powder in expansions of 3/4 cup and keep whisking while simultaneously including so that there are no bunches.

Continue mixing this on low fire for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step II

Accumulate sugar and mix everything into a solitary unit. Industriously keep blending on low fire for decisively 10 minutes till the mix structures like a ball or blend and ghee starts disconnecting from the skillet. (Check tips)

Incorporate cardamom powder, mix and switch off the fire.

beej ki barfi-620

Step III

Move this mix to a lubed plate or skillet. Smooth with back of spoon or spatula.

Upgrade with nuts and press gently with spatula. Let this set for around 1/2 to 2 hours. At the point when it sets cut them into needed shape.

Milk Burfis or Barfis are as of now arranged. Store in fixed shut holder for 5 days or in cooler upto 2 weeks.

Recipe Notes

See that the entire method of making burfis is done particularly on LOW FLAME.

I took definitely 10 minutes to cook on low fire once I included sugar. The time may change to some degree, as it were, depending upon the sort and size of skillet you use and the power of the fire.

To check if it is done, take a tad of the mix and in a minute or so endeavor to move it to from a ball. In case you can do it, it infers the barfi is done. It’s the perfect open door for setting it 🙂

You can use any nuts of your choice or satisfactory silver (vark) at whatever point needed.

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